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Chicago Tribune modelChicago Tribune Tower
Cut out the eight flying buttresses but do not cut near the thin buttress supports. Fold in half and crease them before cutting closely along the supports. Then glue the halves together.
Cut out the middle level of the tower and crease the eight sides. In the same way as the buttresses, don't cut out the little details along the top of the wall until after you have made the folds. Before gluing anything, lay the piece flat. With a sharp hobby knife, cut small slots at the corners where marked to insert the buttresses.
After the slots and details are cut, glue the tab around to make an octagonal cylinder. Insert the buttresses into the slots with a drop of glue, taking care that all the buttresses are vertical and straight, and pushed in the same amount into each slot.

Cut out and fold the uppermost octagonal tower and roof. Glue the roof slightly inset below the edge of the wall to make a little railing around the top of the building. In the same way, glue the next octagonal roof slightly inset from the top of the middle section to create a little railing. Use the blunt end of a pencil or a chopstick to push the roof pieces up if they fall too far downward and to keep them level. Glue the whole assembly onto the square roof piece.

Fold the rear wall section back and forth according to the valley or mountain folds indicated. The small trapezoidal sections of roof at the bottom fold outward.

Cut out the walls, but do not cut closely along the top of the wall or around the pillars at the top until after you have made all the wall folds.

Glue the rear wall piece to the back of the tower. Line up the bottoms of each piece to allow the model to sit flat on a table. Secure the pieces together by squeezing the B-B and C-C tabs to the tower with a long tweeters inserted from the top and bottom of the walls.

After gluing the rear wall, check the fit of the top of the tower by lowering it into the walls. You may have to adjust the folds on the square roof piece. Glue the tower inside the walls, lowering the tower until the tops of the flying buttresses line up with the tops of the wall pillars. Glue the flying buttresses straight and even to the back of its corresponding pillar.

Fold the last roof piece as indicated. Drop the roof down slightly below the top edge of the rear wall to make a little railing around the roof at that point. Careful trimming of the roof piece may be necessary to fit precisely with the folds you've made on the rear wall. If the mansard roof flaps have trouble staying put, add a little more glue and push the flap down with a chopstick or tootpick gently until it dries.

Now you have completed the Chicago Tribune Tower! Place it next to the Wrigley Building and Michigan Avenue Bridge, as these are all built to the same scale.

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