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Build Your Own Chicago

Elevated train models

The Elevated Train models are N-scale (1:160). They are 1" tall by 4" long when complete.

CTA L Train models

Download the L Tracks below to make a display stand for your train models.

CTA L Train models

There are five different L train cars available. Each represents a different train line serving a different part of the city, as well as the different types of rolling stock on the CTA system. The designs available are: Red Line, Blue Line, Orange Line, Green Line and Brown Line.

Elevated Train Extras

L Train Chassis L Train Chassis

Download instructions to add N-scale wheels to your elevated train car: TrainChassis.pdf

Elevated Tracks L Tracks model

Place N-scale tracks on top of the elevated tracks to create your own miniature Loop layout. LTracks.pdf

Red Line Closeup