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Trump Tower
Cut out lower walls of the building and glue into an oblong trapezoid shape. Note that two of the fold lines are sharp corners, while the other ends are round corners. Roll the piece against a round pencil or wooden stick to get the curve of the piece just right. Use the largest roof piece as a guide to get the shape of the trapezoid just right, then glue the roof terrace in place.
Next glue the second terrace in place at the top of the wall.

Cut out the next wall section. This section has one sharp corner and one round corner. Roll the piece against a round stick to get the curvature just right.

Test the fit before gluing it in place. The slots on each side of the wall should slide onto the second terrace roof, with part of the upper wall tucked behind the lower wall.

Cut out the next smaller trapezoidal roof terrace and glue it in place at the top of the wall.

Cut out the top wall section. Again, the wall is shaped like a trapezoid, with two sharp corners and two round corners. Use the small rooftop piece as a guide to get the right angles and curved corners of the trapezoid.

Test fit the roof piece and glue it into place. Look at the diagram to make sure not to glue the rooftop piece facing the wrong direction. The teardrop in the diagram is facing to the front / left. The roof should be flush with the lower part of the wall in the front on the diagram, not the higher part of the wall at the back in the diagram. Keep a small stick handy to push the roof up or down within the wall to position it just right before the glue dries.

Test fit the top section of the tower to the lower walls. The slots on the top section should slide onto the third level roof, with the top section walls tucked inside the walls of the base.

When gluing the pieces together, use just a small amount of glue on the edge of the paper to connect the top section walls to the rooftops of the base.

Cut out the small rooftop penthouse and fold the tiny walls in place. Then glue it to the rooftop of the tower. The roof of the penthouse should be flush with the top of the wall at the back in the diagram.
Cut out the small wall which hides the communication equipment at the top of the tower. Roll the paper and fold it into a teardrop shape. Use the teardrop shading on the rooftop to help determine the shape of the piece, then glue it in place on the rooftop.
Cut out the two sides of the spire and glue them back-to-back. After the glue dries, you can add a tiny drop of super glue to stiffen the piece, as described in the Tips & Techniques.
After the spire is dry, glue it in place on the side of the penthouse roof in the center of the teardrop shaped wall.
Finally, fold the parking garage ramp into a half cylinder and glue it in place at the bottom of the building near the rounded corner.
And now your miniature Trump Tower is complete! Place it next to the John Hancock, Sears Tower and Aon Center models: they are all built to the same scale.

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