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Reliance Bldg modelReliance Building
Cut out the large main section of the building. Fold the walls around on the dotted lines and connect to make a rectangular box. Fold the small chimney down onto itself and glue.
Cut out the window well section. Note the dotted and dashed lines to indicate which way to fold the piece. Two of the flaps on the tiny roof section of the window well will fold downwards to be glued to the outside wall, while one flap will be glued inside the wall of the window well. Glue the window well inside the walls, taking care to align the top of the walls on both pieces.

Fold the flaps of the top roof down and insert it into the wall section. Glue the roof so that it is recessed slightly from the top to make a little railing around the building.

Cut out the bay windows and fold them carefully. Scoring the folds lightly with a sharp knife will assure that your folds remain crisp and parallel. Glue them to their corresponding lettered places.
Cut out the ornamental cornice. Run a bead of glue across the top of the roof and the top edges of the bay windows. Set the cornice on top of the roof so that its inner edge is flush with the inner edge of the rooftop wall.
And now your miniature Reliance Building is complete!
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