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Pritzker Pavilion

First score and cut out the two large pieces of the stage. Fold the back of the bandshell down and glue the narrow triangular tabs to make upright walls of the structure.
Then fit the front of the stage inside and around the back piece to match the sloped roof on the sides to the back of the structure and the front of the stage snug underneath the cantilevered roof. Test fit the piece before gluing in place.

Cut out the central piece of the cantilever over the stage. Fold the sides vertical and fit this underneath the roof with the upper parts fitting into the slots of the roof. Line up the two sides of the back of the cantilever with the two gray lines printed just above the stage.
Cut out the two towers at the left and right of the stage. Fold each into a rectangular box and fit tab 'A' to the place marked 'A' next to the stage, as well as 'B' through 'D'.

Next cut out the large curly ribbon piece which fits underneath the cantilever over the stage. Scoring the mountain and valley folds carefully.

Note the curved supports underneath the roof. Use a round pencil or wire to curl the piece to match the curves of these supports under the roof exactly. Roll the long ends of the ribbons upwards so that they will curl up above the roof of the cantilever. Once the ribbons are shaped correctly, glue the piece in place with the back end fit in place above the top of the stage.

Cut out the ribbon at the center of the stage. Fold the tab inwards and again curl the ribbons to match the exact curve of the round edge of the supports. The tab fits in the center underneath the rooftop between the two supports.

Cut out the four small ribbons at floor level to the left and right of the stage. Curl them slightly so that they stick out from the stage at roughly 45-degree angle. Glue the ends of each piece to the towers on the left and right in the order indicated by the diagram.
Cut out the last two ribbons and their triangular supports. The left-hand ribbon is curled to a roughly 90-degree angle, while the right-hand ribbon features several curls and mountain-valley folds. Note that each triangular support matches the shape of the end of its ribbon.
Place a drop of glue on the tip of the support triangle and at the inside end of the ribbon. Glue the support triangle at the small square marked near the center toward the rear of the roof. Glue the inside end of the ribbon wherever it touches the edge of the cantilevered roof .

The two ribbons should be roughly horizontal and supported above the ground by the support triangles.

And now the Pritzker Pavilion model is complete!

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