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Monadnock model Monadnock Building

Score and cut out the three walls of the north end of the building. Note that the first fold at the base of the walls is a "mountain" fold, while the fold above it and at the top of the wall are "valley" or reverse folds which should be scored on the back of the paper. See Tips page for help with reverse folds.

Fold the cornice at the top of each wall outward, and the base outward slightly to make the sturdy thick walls of the building. Follow the shape of the center wall to make the correct angles of the folds.

Glue the three walls together with the tabs snugly tucked inside.

Cut out the back wall and glue it in place, then fold down the roof and glue the tabs inside the walls.

If necessary, use a toothpick or chopstick to push the roof up or down to position it flat and level before the glue dries.

Score and cut out the south end of the building. Fold into a rectangular box and glue the rooftop in place.

Finally, glue the south end of the building to the backside of the north end of the building.

Your Monadnock Building is now finished!

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