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Mich Ave Br model Michigan Avenue Bridge

To start the model, cut out the ends of the bridge, score and fold the tabs and walls. Glue the walls together as shown in upper diagram.

Note that one of the ends of the bridge is slightly different from the other, in that one of its side walls is at a different angle as shown in lower diagram. This will be important to remember when you add the roadway to the top of the bridge.

Score the central part of the bridge and cut out the blank area in the middle.

Fold the tabs and bridge sides as shown.

Carefully insert the central part the bridge inside the walls.

The ends of the central section should tuck under the tabs on the outer walls of the bridge, so that the central section sits flat on the table. Glue the inside tabs of the wall pieces to hold the bridge together. Be sure that all pieces meet at right angles and that the model sits flat on the table.

Cut out the bottom panel of the bridge. Score the side railings carefully and fold them back. With the printed side of the paper down, curl the middle of the ends of of the piece down to match the curve on the underside of the bridge.
Glue the underside of the bridge to the tabs underneath the central section.

The sidewalk and railings of the lower level of the bridge should match with the doorways on the walls at the ends of the bridge, while the curled part of the piece matches the underside of the central section of the bridge.

Next, cut out the roadway and glue it in place on top of the walls. Note that one corner of the roadway sticks out farther than the others. This should be placed on top of the section of wall that is angled more than the others, as mentioned in the first step above.

Next, cut out the tiny gatehouses. Before you glue the tabs inside, write the letter of each house on the inside of the piece to remember it.

Assemble the gate houses, fold in the roofs and glue the two sides of the tiny urn to complete the rooftop. Add a small wad of tissue paper inside the gatehouse to help glue the roof sections, as described in Tips & Techniques.

Put the gatehouses in their lettered places, so that the corner seam of the gatehouse matches the corner where its letter is printed. All the doors to the gatehouses should face the street.

Finally, add the railings for the upper deck of the bridge so that no tourists fall into the river.

And now your Michigan Avenue Bridge model is complete! Place it next to the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower, as these are all built to the same scale.

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