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John Hancock model John Hancock Center
Cut out the main section of the building. Fold the walls around on the dotted lines and connect to make a 4-sided rectangular pyramid. Then fold and glue the roof down to close the top of the building.

Cut out the little mechanical shed and fold the walls down so that the lettered glue flaps are on the bottom.

Glue the mechanical shed to the top of the building, matching the letters to each other to show the proper orientation.

Cut out and glue the matching TV mast pieces back-to-back to make the two antennae. You may wish to strengthen the antennae with a drop of super-glue on the back, as explained on the Tips & Techniques page.

Then glue the two antennae to their lettered positions on the shed walls. Finally, fit the little U-shaped awning around the one TV antenna and glue it to the roof of the shed in the position marked.

Now your John Hancock Center is complete! Place it next to the Sears Tower, Trump Tower and Aon Center models to compare their height. All four models are built to the same 1:4000 scale.
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