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Inland Steel Building model Inland Steel Building
Cut out the main section of the walls. Score and fold the walls into a rectangular box. At the back of the building the two small sections of wall fold backwards (valley fold) toward the elevator core.You can strengthen the stilts at the base of the walls with a drop of super glue, as described on the Tips page.

Next cut out the lobby of the building. Fold and glue into a rectangular box. At the ends of the lobby, valley fold the low ceilings outward as shown in the diagram.
Glue the lobby inside the lower end of the walls. Match the overhanging ceilings at the ends of the lobby to the lower edge of the walls and the bottom of the stilts to the bottom edge of the lobby walls.
Cut out and assemble the long rectangular box of the elevator tower. Glue the tower to the main section of the building where the tabs are marked on the tower.

Cut out the small entryway to the underground parking garage and assemble it into a low rectangle. Glue the end of this to the side of the elevator tower where the tabs are marked.

And now your Inland Steel Building model is complete!

Inland Steel Building model

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