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Getty Tomb model Getty Tomb
Cut out the walls of the model and the base.

If you would like to make a more detailed (and challenging) model, use a sharp knife to cut out the black area above the bronze doors to the tomb before you have folded and assembled the walls.

Once you have folded and glued the walls and the base into shape, glue the walls to the base, so that the doors line up as indicated by the shaded area on the base.

If you have chosen to add more detail to your model, cut out the interior bronze door. Fold the entryway walls forward and glue the entry vault together.
Glue the entryway to the inside of the walls and against the base, behind the two bronze doors.

Next, cut and score the roof piece. For the scalloped roof, score the curved dotted lines, then push gently with your finger to indent each area of the roof. Use a rounded stick or the back of your fingernail to create the smooth indented rooftop.
Cut out the three notched supports and insert one into another.
Now glue the sides of the roof together. Once the glue is dry, insert the notched supports from the previous step and glue them in place.
Put a little glue on the top of the supports and fold down the roof top to glue it in place. You can push down on the scalloped indentations on the roof so that they match the curves of the roof sides and push a tiny amount of glue in between with a toothpick to join them.

Lastly, glue the rooftop to the top of the walls.

And now your Getty Tomb model is complete!

Getty Tomb model
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