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Aqua Tower modelAqua Tower

First cut out the base of the building. Score and fold the side walls down. Carefully cut out the thin long wall. Curl the wall against a round pencil or dowel to match the curve of the roof corner. Glue the tab at the end of the long thin wall inside the angled side wall.
Cut out the overhang roof. Fold the two tabs inward and give the center of the overhang a slight curve by pressing against a round pencil or dowel. Glue the overhang roof to the inside of the base, with the tabs matching the inside of the walls to each side of the curved corner.

Score and fold the tower and assemble into a rectangular box.

Glue the tower in place on the building base. The grey window-washing crane on the roof of the tower should be lined up with the side of the base nearest the curved corner.

Cut out the tiny rooftop building and assemble into a little box. Glue the rooftop building at the center of the roof of the tower.

Now your Aqua Tower model is finished!

Aqua Tower model

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