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860 Lake Shore Dr model860 Lake Shore Drive Apartments
To start the model, cut out the walls of the two towers. After you cut out the thin columns at the bottom of the walls, you may want to strengthen them with a tiny drop of super glue, as described on the Tips & Techniques page.
Before you glue the sides and top of the towers down, you may want to make a note of the letter A printed on the tab. Write it on the back of the card so that you'll be able to see it once the tower is glued.

Fold the sides of the tower in to a rectangular box and glue the top down.

Cut out the bottom piece of the tower and the hole in the center of it. Match the letters in the corner to the letter A hidden inside the tower.

The hole in the center of the bottom piece will help you glue the piece into the right position flush with the bottom of the walls. Use a hooked dental tool or tweezers to pull the bottom out or push it in to match the edge of the walls.

Cut out the lobby walls and glue them to the base, matching the corner with the letter C on the tab to the letter C printed on the base.

Then glue the tower in place, matching the letter C on the bottom of the tower to that same corner.

Assemble the little mechanical structure and glue it to the center of the roof.

Score and glue the long roof awning to itself. Press the piece under a book so that it dries flat.
Glue the long roof awning under the bottom of the tower, between the 2nd and 3rd columns.

Make sure it lines up level and straight to where it will match up with the next tower.

The second tower follows the same construction pattern as the first. Once again, match the letters in the corners to get the correct alignment of the complex.
Score and cut out the two short awnings. Fold and glue each piece to itself. Press the pieces under a book so that they dry flat.
Glue the two short awnings over the sidewalk entrances to the two towers.
And now you are finished with the 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments!
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